Evolution of blusher: The cheek stamp blush

Seventeen Cheek Stamp review
This might not be a new thing to ya'll, but it's definitely new to me & I think it's pretty creative and different from what you normally find in a drugstore. It is... wait for it... a cheek stamp blush (for your face cheek *ehm*)! After a quick research I found out that other brands had already launched similar products in the past (eg Lorac, New Cid, Etude House - why am I even surprised about the last one, tut tut), however this one from Seventeen is the first affordable drugstore cheek stamp blush I've come across.  

To start off - the packaging is a bit of a let down. Looks cheap and crappy. No word of lie. Not even the mirror on the back can make up for the poor design. Once you unscrew the lid, you find a round sponge & the product. You just twist the sponge in the blusher & voila - it picks up an even coat of pigment. Now you stamp it on your cheek and... you're left with an actual circle of blush. With either your fingers or a brush (although using brush at this point would defy the whole idea of the stamp, derp) blend the product thoroughly - unless you want to look like a Russian doll with round splotches of colour on your face. As to the quality of this brush - pretty good. Actually surprisingly good considering the packaging gives such a bad first impression - it feels nice on the skin (I suspect this is a powder blusher with a little hint of creaminess) and it lasts a good amount of time.

You can get these in 5 different shades (the one above & below is called Blushin') and they sell them in Boots or online here for £4.99 a pop.    

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Seventeen Cheek Stamp review

Seventeen Cheek Stamp review

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