My spring/summer Essie picks

Essie spring/summer picks

Me & Essie have been through a lot. We're basically like that couple that constantly argues but doesn't want to let go. I'm 98% loyal to her (I rarely buy any other nail polish - really, this is just because it saves me money not to look at nail polish stands of other brands), I've been in this relationship for almost 2 years now (read about my first haul here) and I think she's just beautiful. Now Essie abuses me a great deal - it doesn't dry very quickly, some of the batches come in odd consistency, it costs a little fortune and some of the colours look horrible on short bitten nails (well, some, right). And yet - we're still not giving up. Here are my 4 spring/summer picks which I'll be slappin' on in next three days months (let's hope that the English summer won't float away on the Gulf stream like it did last year).  

Essie Blanc: When have white nails become such a trend? Well, who cares?! They look so SO nice! The only problem I'm having is that they look SO nice on NICE hands. The beauty does not fully translate on my sausage fingers, but hey - I'm currently working on at least decently looking nails (and since I'm trying to shed a few pounds, maybe the fat will come off the sausages too? *pipe dreams*).   
Essie Find me an Oasis: One of the off shades. Also the only off shade that I own. Again, I really love the look of this but it doesn't look as good on short stubby fingers with even shorter disgusting nails. One day I shall pull it off though, one day. Oh, by the way - I picked this up on E-bay for some £2.50 or something and it's one of the shades not available in the core collection (Boots/Superdrug). This also means that it comes with the tiny brush and really watery consistency. Why are these non-core-collection shades so poop quality-wise? Anyone knows? 
Essie Watermelon: This is a pretty one! As you can see my hot-days-mood is either white-ish or fuchsia-ish. Watermelon is really similar to one of the limited edition shades that are currently sold in drugstores, but it's a little (you probably can't tell without a microscope) brighter. It's opaque in one coat and the colour makes my day so much more cheerful (oh yes, it's the little things!).  
Essie Bahama Mama: Bahama Mama is one of those shades that I really wanted to be brighter. It's a bit like when you buy a blue nail polish, paint your nails with it and realize that unless you tell people that it's blue, it's gonna look black to them. Well, it's not that bad. But for some reason on other people (and on the swatch wheel) it doesn't look as dark as it does look on me, which is a tad annoying. I might try to put a pale base under it, maybe? It's still a gorgeous colour nonetheless - really rich and comforting (can nail polish colour be comforting? apparently yes, erm). 

You can buy Essie nail polishes in drugstores (for £7.99 - ouch!), search your local TKMaxx (usually for £4) or browse the interwebz - sometimes I find them on E-bay for as little as £2.50!

What's your favourite nail polish at the moment?    

Essie spring/summer picks

Essie spring/summer picks

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