Banana sushi with peanut butter and hemp seeds
Happy Bank Holiday Monday everyone! Hope you've had a good 'un! This post might come handy if you're having a chill day today and fancy something sweet but don't want to go all out over a bar of chocolate. I found a recipe for this on Pinterest - it's apparently called Banana sushi & it tastes soooo good (and it's also good for you because of the cheeky hemp seed ingredient!). Nomz! 

What do you need?
⇢ bananas
⇢ peanut butter (or chocolate/caramel spread)
⇢ hemp seeds  

It's so simple - peel the banana, spread the peanut butter all over it, press some hemp seeds on it and put it in a freezer for at least 30 minutes. Then slice it up. BAM! How impressive does it look though?  

Now the important 'super-healthy' bit is the hemp seed element. Wait wait wait, HEMP seeds?! Yeah, hemp seed is basically a seed that comes from a certain kind of Cannabis plant *cough weed cough*. But it's completely legal, safe and actually really beneficial for your health. Hemp seeds are classed as superfood because of the high number of health benefits they provide. They are high in protein, contain fatty acids and vitamins (improve your mood and lower your anxiety levels), they lower blood pressure and improve condition of your skin (because they are rich in oils), they're high in fibre (therefore prevent bloating and other digestive system troubles) and they are also high in sodium, calcium and iron (which helps prevent cramps for instance). What's even better is that hemp seeds taste delicious! If I was to compare it to something else than it would probably be hazel nuts but a little bit softer and fresher.

When I haven't got a lot of time to spare in the morning (or I'm just too lazy - oops!), I take a rice cake, spread chocolate spread/peanut butter on it and sprinkle (heavy handedly) hemp seeds all over it. The best quick breakfast ever! You can buy a bag of hemp seeds in your local Holland & Barrett for around £5.

Have you ever tried hemp seeds?
What's your opinion on superfoods, are they just a hype?

Banana sushi with peanut butter and hemp seeds

Banana sushi with peanut butter and hemp seeds

Banana sushi with peanut butter and hemp seeds

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