How to wear felt hats
Did you know that felt (the material most fedoras and floppy hats are made of - pressed wool if made from natural materials or from acrylic if made from artificial materials) was originally made by nomadic tribes to build their tents with? And because felt is rainproof, someone along the way figured that it would be quite a smart call to use it to protect your head from rain, too. And BAM! A super stylish accessory was born. A felt hat

I haven't found a cap or a woollen hat that would suit me (yet) but I do love a good felt hat. Just for reference - below you can find different types of hats and what they're usually called. The whole hattology is rather confusing, so don't worry if you call get a bit lost in all those trilbies and fedoras and bowlers. Now I own 2 fedoras (or are they fedoras?!). The one I'm wearing in the picture above is this one (£25, Warehouse via House of Fraser) and it's just a plain black fedora with quite a wide rim. The other fedora I own (you can see it here) is this burgundy one from H&M, it also has got a little wider rim than the Warehouse one. The key point though is that hats put outfits together like nothing else, I always get so many compliments wearing them - even when what I'm wearing is less than impressive. 

Have a look at the pictures below - you can wear felt hats with dresses, plain T-shirts and jeans, even with fancy blazers. There are pretty much no limits and you know what? They work as excellent cover ups for bad hair days! *wink wink*

How to wear felt hats
Types of hats

How to wear felt hats
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How to wear felt hats
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How to wear felt hats
And obviously, you can accessorise your hat with your cat. They look cool together, me thinks.

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