Crisp white shirt & red heels

Crisp white shirt & red heels outfit
I've probably been slippin' into the blogger style a little bit too much ( ya know, plain dull colours, raybans and heels with anything) but these are the safest style waters where you can't really make too much mess in form of fashion faux pas by pairing the unpairable. So what - there's nothing ugly about a crisp white shirt, black faux leather trousers & a pair of red Zara heels - au contraire mon cheri

The white shirt is such a classic staple piece - this one is from Hawes & Curtis (currently on sale! - link here). Every now & then you can be very Cameron Diaz-esque and wear it for work, for lunch with a friend and even for a cocktail (or two) in the evening. Those black faux leather trousers are from H&M (absolute ages ago!) and although they don't look it - they are in fact leggings. Yes, it's all about balance - if you're wearing a pair of killer heels (and by killer I mean they are absolutely killin' my feet - even though they are from Zara and Zara shoes seem like they never hurt anyone's feet, ever), you have to balance it out by a pair of trousers that feel like sweat pants rather than tight leather).

What's your can-go-anywhere-in-it outfit of choice?  

Crisp white shirt & red heels outfit
Hawes & Curtis white shirt (c/o) //  H&M faux leather trousers // Zara heels // Raybans // The Giver - a book I'm currently reading 
Crisp white shirt & red heels outfit


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