The bloody English weather! It almost looked like we were having a summer & then BAM! RAIN AGAIN! So even though we'd been planning this picnic for about two weeks (ya know - work, life, all those things that tend to get in the way), we couldn't go out & have it. That ain't stoppin' us though - instead of sitting on the grass in Sutton Park, we rolled out a green blanket on the floor & played Top Trumps in the safety of our living room - yes we had an indoor picnic (that's almost an oxymoron, isn't it?).      

There's not much to say about our little picnic - we ate until we couldn't eat a single extra crisp, we drank until the new strawberry Lambrini was pouring out of our ears & played cards until I got fed up with losing. I promise you though - it was fun!!

Have you ever had an indoor picnic?