Zebra from Zara

Zara zebra dress
zebra print dress - Aliexpress // shoes - Zara // sunglasses - Rayban // bag - Primarni
Oiii - watch that! You know how I promised you to see this zebra dress in an outfit post? Ya? Then hold your hats, ladies & gents, because it is ON. If I had the say than the say would be that there's no better print than zebra print. It's not in your face like little cat heads or little pink unicorns (nothing against cats or unicorns - they are in my top 3 prints, obviously), but it's bold enough to get you a little attention.
Now the key thing you have to remember is that this is not an actual Zara dress (oh the dread, oh the horror - this is a copy, oh maaay gawd, from China, choking on panic). It's from Aliexpress - my new favourite website which basically links you straight to Chinese factories - where they make some super cheapo clothes (and don't, just don't lecture me on how immoral and unethical I am because the children sewing my dress together get paid 2 pence a day, just don't, kk?). When ordering from there just keep in mind that they make clothes for a different target group therefore the sizing is a bit off compared to UK. I tend to be size S/M (8-10) UK and sometimes I like my clothes to be over sized (12-14 UK). On Aliexpress (just like on E-Bay) I'm size L/XL. And even then it sometimes happens that it's too small (urgh!). For the money you're paying though you've got no right to moan. This stunning zebra print dress (which is an exact copy of the Zara one - I tried the Zara one on when it was in shops and I now own the Aliexpress one to compare) only cost me £9! It's made from thick scuba material and it's oh so comfortable & warm! In the pictures it looks a little short but I can assure you that it's long enough in real life for me to bend over without any faux pas risk. Buy it here if ya fancy!

To make up for the copy-catting, I'm wearing a pair of open toe boots from the real Zara. They are unfortunately sold out as I got them in summer sale (even in sale they cost something like £35, oh dear - but so worth it!), however you can still get them on Depop - they tend to pop up on there every now & then! I love these so much, the best bloody buy from Zara in months!

Have you bought anything from Aliexpress?    

Zara zebra dress

Zara zebra dress

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