10 things you have to do when in Sharm El Sheikh


Are you going to Sharm El Sheikh this year? Then please, I beg you, don't be one of those lobster people spending their whole holiday on their pre-booked sunbed at the pool of their five start hotel. Do Egypt! And do everything and anything that Egypt offers. Even if you're not an adventurous type, pick say 2 or 3 points from the list below and do it! I can promise you that you will love it (and maybe even book another 2 weeks in Egypt for next year!). I've been to Sharm El Sheikh (a city in Egypt) a few summers back & it was the most memorable country I've been to so far - and I didn't even do half of things I wish I'd done.
SEE THE BLUE HOLE (but don't scuba dive there!)
Apparently one of the deadliest places for scuba divers and I'm telling you to go there (sigh, Tereza, what were you thinking?!). It's an incredibly dangerous place for divers because of the unique shape and forces such as pressure and gulfs which are nothing a diver can experience elsewhere, but these are the same reasons why this place is so stunning - when the sun rises you can see nothing but blue vastness below you. 

GO SNORKELING (among Nemo's & corals)
They say that the Red Sea is on of the best places for snorkeling - the coral reefs are never-ending and the fish there look like a rainbow. I'm no snorkeler but I did give it a go when I was in Egypt and even now thinking back about it I'm stunned by how incredible the experience was. I was swimming atop a reef and could see the black depth below me and the scuba divers with oxygen tanks letting out small bubbles yet I was surrounded by millions of little fishies and colourful corals.  

VISIT THE PYRAMIDS (but don't climb them)
What?! Goin' to Sharm El Sheikh and visiting the pyramids?! Yes, I urge you to consider as many excursions out of Sharm as possible. It will cost you about £100 extra but really - how odd would it be to go to Egypt but not see the pyramids?! You can take a couch but I do recommend choosing the plane option - not only that the view is waaay better from a plane but you'll also get better use of your time (the couch takes hours and hours and hours!). 

Honestly, this was my favourite place in the whole Egypt (hence most of my pictures are from there)! Luxor is where I had a real pharaoh feeling - humongous statues of kings and sphinx on every step, and tombs with hieroglyphs all over their walls. I suggest you go on a guided walk there because it can be rather overwhelming!          

SWIM WITH DOLPHINS (in Egypt, not in Florida)
Such a stereotype - swimming with dolphins in Florida. But why? Swim with dolphin in Sharm El Sheikh, sounds way cooler, doesn't it? 

FLY OVER TO JORDAN (and see Petra, the city carved into red stone)
When in Sharm you're just a stone throw from Jordan - and Petra. It's one of those places you see on telly and go aaaaaaah with a slight jaw drop. It's usually featured in lists such as 50 places to see before you die and I bet it really is - just thinking about a city carved into stone makes your mind boggle.   

Once you get tired of the city rush & all the snorkeling among lion fish, visiting tombs of pharaohs & deciphering hieroglyphs, you might want to get into a jeep (or on a camel) and make your way to the desert together with a bunch of Bedouins. Once far enough from the city lights you will be able to see stars like you've never seen them before and glamp your night away surrounded by the scent of shisha and never-ending sand.    

RIDE A HORSE (or a camel, doh!)
'To do' on my bucket list - to ride a horse along a beach and to ride a horse in a desert. I so regret I never got to tick these while in Egypt! Get your bum up in the saddle & set out on a ride through the sand dunes. A camel is an obvious option but man, I'm not a fan of camels, they look dead vicious to me - don't you think?! 

GO ON A CRUISE (down the river Nile)
Now I went on a cruise in Cairo - and even though it wasn't the most aesthetically pleasing experience, it was an experience you're not gonna forget. You will see a totally different, yet totally real side of Egypt that you might miss if you stay in the beautiful capsule called Sharm El Sheikh.  

Not only that you need to go out for a shopping spree in the city of Sharm El Sheikh - you also need to try the local food and, of course, the party life! When the lights in Sharm are on they look just like the rainbow of coral reefs in the Red Sea.

As to my recommendations on booking holidays in Sharm El Sheikh, I suggest you go through a reliable travel agency or a tour operator as putting together your own flights and accommodation tends to turn out A) more expensive than a package and B) is likely to cause you more stress than happiness.  

Have you been to Egypt before?
If so, have you done any of the above? 
Tell me about your experiences in the comments below!






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