Cats against cyber censorship - join the revolution!

The pussycat riot
The Pussycat Riot

I'm not gonna lie, I'm not one to support charities and give money to fundraisers on the street who claim that they need ME to save a tiger in Indonesia (that's where tigers live, right?). What I'm not against though is raising awareness (although not by throwing a bucket of ice on my head, God no!). Did you know that every day we share almost 4 million cat photos and videos on the internet? WOAH! Yup. And there are people out there, in countries far away from where you're sitting right now, who have never seen a single one. They have no notion of who the Grumpy cat is, they have never seen funny videos of cats swimming or playing with a vaccum cleaner. That's a fact.

The Pussycat Riot is a movement uniting all cats, cats owners (and non-cat owners, even non-cat-lovers) who believe that cyber censorship should not be a thing. Can you even imagine what it is like not to be able to go on the internet? And if you were allowed to use it, you'd be constantly watched by someone?!

You can read more about the movement and cyber censorship here (update: unfortunately the site has been taken down).

I've picked a few of my favourite items which you can buy in the name of cats against cyber censorship (I seriously do have a weak spot for the Putin litter tray, it just makes you giggle, doesn't it?) and Cookie received his very own bandana - he looks well swanky in it, doesn't he?

What are your thoughts on cyber censorship?
Are you aware of it?

The pussycat riot

The pussycat riot

The pussycat riot

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