Beauty books - which one to choose?

Beauty books

You already know that I'm slightly obsessed with books and literature. After all literature would have been the university course of my choice if only it had more lucrative forecast. That shall not stop me from reading books though, reading lots and lots of them. Now there are tons of beauty books out there, but do you know which ones is the one for you? The one you will enjoy reading the most?  

Jemma Kidd - Make-up Masterclass (£15.30, Amazon): Hands down my most favourite type of beauty book. I'm a sucker for beautiful large photographs and stunning make-up and if you're anything like me, you're gonna love this book. Apart from the eye-catching visuals, the Make-up Masterclass also offers a wide spectrum of information about different skin tones, colour matching, tips on application and even mentions evening make-up looks quite a bit.   
Bobbi Brown - Makeup Manual & Living Beauty (£17, Amazon£11.99, Amazon): Bobbi Brown is, well, Bobby Brown. Her books (or at least the two books I own), I feel, are for slightly more mature women who enjoy 'natural' make-up. Again, these books feature great visuals and I find Makeup Manual to offer a lot of information on make-up application, similar to Jemma Kidd's Make-up Masterclass. 
Liz Earle - Skin Secrets (£15.99, Liz Earle): Sometimes it's not just about slappin' on tons of make-up. Sometimes you want to understand how to feel (and look) pretty without make-up too. That's what this book's for - it explains what your skin is, what it needs and how to care for it. This books give you a great deal of information on not only skin as such but also on lifestyle, skin conditions, and even food. 
Sali Hughes - Pretty Honest (£22, Waterstones): One of the most recent releases in the beauty book world this book is packed with information. And by packed I mean overflowing with beauty intelligence. There's not much to look at in terms of pretty pictures, but man, the content makes up for it. I love the different take on beauty from chapters on perfumes to chapters on what men want, how to pay and receive compliments and beauty gifts. It almost borders on a style book with a good dash of beauty in it.   

Which one's your favourite beauty book?
Have you read any of the above?

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