Black duster coat

Black duster coat outfit
dress - Aliexpress (here) // duster coat - New Look (here) // fedora - H&M // boots - Aliexpress (here) // bag - Topshop // watch - E-bay (here)
So the duster coat trend. Yeah, that one. I bloody love it. My feelings towards duster coats are somewhere along the lines of 15 years old goth me, Matrix and bloggy-blog-trendy. Which sounds horrendous but makes someone like me feel well comfortable - even in a dress a touch too short and knee high suede boots a touch too slutty.  

In all honesty, I've been wearing this coat every other day lately. Believe it or not it's from New Look (I know, looks way fancier, right?) and what's absolutely lush about it is that it's made of this really stretchy material (plus I went 2 sizes up) so you can layer on two jumpers under it and it still looks pretty decent (not like you're a chubby bear)! Now New Look got new stock in which means more duster coats - I just can't decide whether to buy a burgundy or a khaki green one, what do you think? This gets even more complicated when I tell you that I can't decide whether to buy a burgundy or a khaki green blazer on the top of the duster coat dilemma, le sigh.

You can also notice how Aliexpress is taking over my wardrobe. Yeah, it's kinda bad. But the monochrome striped dress is super pretty (and was just 8 quid, YES) and the boots are so ridiculously comfortable (and get me compliments, which doesn't happen that often).  

Do you like the duster coat trend or is it just too 80's for you? 

Disclaimed: All photos taken by the super skilled photographer Terri Lowe. She's been blogging about food a lot lately. Nomz! 

Black duster coat outfit

Black duster coat outfit

Black duster coat outfit
The only picture in the whole universe of me laughing. Jeeesus.

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