Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde, you wouldn't think of looking for those two in the centre of Birmingham, would you? Yet, here they are - The Jekyll & Hyde Bar & Gin Parlour (emphasis on gin!). Okay, we didn't go there just for gin but it does give the place a rather attractive edge just when you say the name out loud. 

The Jekyll & Hyde is situated in the very city centre of Birmingham - right opposite the Snow Hill station (very convenient when you go berserk on said gin, cough cough). From the outside you probably won't think too much of the place - it does have an edge (a very purple one) and an aura of all things mystic. Now, you only fully realize the beauty of the place when you enter the gin parlour on the first floor. The lights are dim, they're showing a black & white movie on a huge projector screen, the atmosphere is cosy yet intriguingly dark. We were literally taken aback by this little gem on Steelhouse Lane, and that was before we even ordered. The menu is not extensive, but it's got something for everyone - from bouillabaisse to beef and lamb, from an apple crumble to a gooey chocolate pudding. Although I'm not a huge drinker, I did enjoy the gin menu the most - they offer a very impressive range of cocktails (all featuring one kind of gin or another), from which I picked one that tasted very much like liquified parma violets (and had some gin and schnapps in it too, shhh!).  

On the top of the mysterious cosiness that Dr Jekyll provided, I was also stunned by the immense amount of historical artifacts - one of them being a dreamy Victorian gramophone, sitting right there next to me throughout the whole evening. Oh, the pipe dreams. These things are oh so stunning (and so ridiculously expensive) I'd swap my little suitcase Coseley for one any day. I've been building my LP collection quite a bit lately, would you like to see some of my most recent additions?

For inspiration on cool places in Brum, pop over here - it's the Millennium Guide to Birmingham! This post will be there too, wink wink! 

Do you enjoy finding hidden gems of restaurants (or gin parlours) in your city?
Have you ever been to The Jekyll & Hyde's?          


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