Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Oh no, you forgot?! I only remember the day before yesterday, shhhhhh. But I still made it - and you can too (although I would start planning in next three, two, one... right now is very much too late!). So what can you still get in the next few hours? Let me give you a quick run down. 

Food never fails to make people happy. Be it a lady or a bloke, cake or any other sort of sweetery will be a winner. If you're the safe bet person then go with something like Patisserie Valerie - they make the most gorgeous (and tastiest) fancy cakes and desserts in da world. For future reference (you know, if you remember your partner's birthday at least 48 hours in advance), you can also create your own cake here on their website and have it sent to your nearest patisserie! The one I got for Justin (thank you Sophie for the helpin' hand on this year's Valentine's Day) has got a double layer of chocolate cream inside, almonds on the edges and profiteroles on the top. I can't even. I might not even share it with Justin. Shhhhh! Now if you're a bit of a wild beast and really really really want to impress, bake something. I tried these chocolate woopie pies today (see them here on my Instagram) and although they don't look the fanciest, they taste oh so good! Thanks Helen for the recipe!     

Flowers always cheer a girl up, and they look rather pretty when served with a cake or whoopie pies. Just sayin'. Oh - and if your local florist's shut, they have a rather decent floristry section in Asda (my little planted rose is from there and it looks so sweet even though it cost just £2.50!).  

Cards are the bane of my life. I find them to be such a waste of money, especially when people just sign the pre-written text and there's a teddy holding a heart on the front. Meh. Might have as well kept the 25p sticker on it mate. Now cards with poems written in them, funny stories or even just something little drawn in them, or cards which have funny pictures on them, that's a different story. They sometimes find their way into scrapbooks and keepsake boxes. My favourite card selling place? Paperchase. Full stop. 

I like little somethings because they don't put too much pressure on me. Especially when I'm the giftee as opposed to the gifter. I mean, nothing against a nice £80 bottle of Elie Saab perfume, right, but when the money's not around or your saving it to go for a nice summer holiday then a little something is the present. This year I got Justin this 'I love you because' book from Paperchase because it reminded me of when we started going out and I made this list of 50 reasons why I really liked him. It's a bit girly, I guess, but when you know the person you can pick a present you know they'll appreciate. 

Keep in mind that these little last minute presents are not necessarily tied up with Valentine's Day, you can use the above inspiration for anything from Christmas to Mother's Day gifts. You're welcome, ha!       

Now run! The shops are still open (I think Asda shuts at 10pm today so if anything, the little potted rose it is!).
And happy Valentine's Day to everyone!!