I promised you a lot more cooking and recipes at the beginning of this year, I know, I know. That's why I'm here today with a very special post - all about avocados, eggs, asparagus and... wait for it... an egg boiler. You already know I'm one up for trying different kitchen helpers (see this post about my soup maker - mmmm soups!) - now imagine the excitement when I found out an egg boiler is a real thing! Who knew, right?! Also - you might know this too - I'm a terrible cook (hence the open arms to any kitchen aid comin' my way). A terrible cook who craves eggs about every other day. I'm sure you have heard all the rumours about too much cholesterol in eggs and how you should not be eating too many blah blah. But you know what? A) I don't care because they are EGGS, nomz! and B) it's actually a myth - you can read more about why you should be eating eggs rather than avoiding them on the British Lion Eggs website! 

First of all, this is my favourite avocado and poached eggs on toast recipe. All you need is this:

 salt & pepper

Peel the avocado and mush it up, spread on a toasted slice of bread. Steam some asparagus, add on a side (or on top) together with some halved cherry tomatoes. Now poach an egg or two and add on the top. Season with some salt & pepper. VOILA! The best brunch ever right there (and it's terribly healthy too, ha!). 

Now the magic begins if you own an egg boiler. Mine is the Andrew James one from Amazon (link here). It costs just £12.99 and let me tell you - it's worth every single penny! The design of it is absolutely adorable (it looks like a bloody egg!!), and not only that it boils eggs (hard boiled and soft boiled), it also makes poached eggs and steams vegetable! As you can see in the above recipe I used it for both steaming some asparagus and poaching the eggs. It's so simple to use (you just add some water and switch it on) and because it has got an in-built timer, you can't possible screw up your cooking! A Godsend this is, a godsend!   

What is your perfect brunch?
Let me know in the comments below please!