Cookie is a monkey fart. He lounges around whole day, every day. He's what you'd call an indoor cat. Since he was a baby he's always been like that - a couch potato. Walks outside don't interest him, he growls at the postman and he runs from the sight of another cat's tail. Although I have to admit, since the sun's been out, he's been much better with his outdoor endeavors. Only just yesterday we spend the whole afternoon gardening (oh it was so sunny!), me on my knees in the flowerbeds and Cookie sunbathing on the grass. Now because the sun doesn't always shine here in England (ha, yeah, more like never), Cookie likes his toys. And by toys I don't mean random pieces of strings or even your regular stuffed mice. His taste is very sophisticated and not just anything passes for a Cookie approved toy. Let's have a look at a few of Cookie's choices. 

He was very kindly asked to test and trial a few bits and bobs from the Collars & Tags website. This a very affordable website with a wide range of cat & dog toys and collars where even the pickiest of kittens will find their favourites. The products tested are as follows:

⇢ green mouse on a string: As you can see from the pictures, this is the winner winner chicken dinner. Cookie is bloody obsessed with it. The only thing that beats it is a willow twig from the garden, and as you can imagine there's a limited supply of these in the house. I sometimes leave the stick poking out of a drawer so the mouse is hanging suspended mid-air - Cookie goes absolutely bonkers for this and spends literally hours slapping the shite out of the mouse. 

⇢ stuffed catnip mouse: This little pink mouse goes slightly against Cookie's manly colour scheme of toys but oh wells - once its stuffed with fresh catnip (and yes, we are growing a new batch in the garden as we're typing) it's all unicorns and butterflies for Cookie. He carries it around like a pup - up the stairs, down the stairs, God forbid the mouse staying alone for a minute. 

⇢ massage brush: The brush is a tricky one. There are times when brushing the lion's mane is a priority and Cookie goes all belly up and rub me here and there and this brush is the tool of heavens. Now there are also times when the brush is considered to be the devil's wrath and Cookie will attempt killing it, multiple times. All in all, the belly rubs are more frequent than the murder attempts so we take the brush as a win! 

⇢ collars & a Cookie tag: Now this is the one for me really rather than for Cookie. You know how I mentioned that we've been venturing into the garden on sunny days? Having an indoor cat means that he's not well trained outdoors (I mean, Cookie can poop into the toilet and almost flush it, but Christ - once he enters the wilderness of our garden, he's as helpless as a flea). This means he needs to have his harness and a lead on. Having an additional collar with a jingle and a name tag is absolutely fab - I love how the little jingle tells me where he is (I tend to panic when I can't hear him right next to me) and the name tag adds a sweet little touch to the moments of growling at strangers. At least they can call him his actual name, not just names. 

All in all, it's all happiness and kitty toys here! Cookie is delighted with his new toys - particularly the green mouse which he's been spending so many hours of his free time with, he even fell asleep holding it as you can see in the pictures! What a little tart, ain't he!

For more kitty (or pup) toys head over to Collars & Tags. Thank you Vickie for letting my little munchkin test these toys! 

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