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Birmingham. Whilst walking around the city centre you can definitely tell that it's one of the fastest developing cities in the UK. Which is not only ace for businesses and economy in general (won't bore ya with GVAs and all that here don't you worry), but it's also absolutely brilliant for us average humans living here or visiting the city. When I came to Birmingham 7 years ago (oh dear!), I did struggle a little to find really unique fun things to do and in general, the city gave out more of its historically relevant industrial vibe. Fast forward a few years and everything is so much brighter, businesses are finally getting the 'be different' concept and most importantly - there's so much to do and see!          

Last weekend me & Shaun stayed in the Rotunda (it's the tall round building right next to the Bull Ring) for the weekend. The apartments there are run by Staying Cool - and let me tell you, I've stayed in a few hotels in Birmingham and if you want to fall in love with the city, not just sleep over - this is the place you need to book. The apartment itself (we stayed in the mighty Penthouse) is just stunning - everything is top notch modern and crisp. What sets you aback is the view though - the view. The whole wall of the apartment is basically a massive window with a balcony - which is simply breathtaking. I'll let the photos in this post do the talking me thinks, there aren't even words to describe how beautiful the view was.     

In the evening we decided to pop into The Botanist. A brand new bar/restaurant which opened less than two weeks ago in the very city centre (right opposite Tesco's on Temple Street for ya locals out there). There's not many bars where you walk into and think oh dear, this is just bloody amazing! yet that's exactly what goes through your head when you walk into The Botanist. The interior design of the bar is vintage and quirky, it has got this almost apothecary feel to it (doh - The Botanist, right?). The staff is just the friendliest and the food is to die for - I mean when you get mushrooms served on a little spade and your desert is marshmallows and strawberries served on a kebab skewer, the world seems a better place straight away. And there's live music every day. Like, whuuut?!    

The Botanist isn't the only new restaurant opening in Birmingham though - there's more and there's more to come! You might have read about the new Wagamama's opening on New Street just before Christmas '14 (read here if you missed the post) or the Gourmet Burger Kitchen refurb in the Mailbox (been there, done that - read here). Another popular new opening is the one of Gas Street Social in the Mailbox which I have yet to explore!  

Birmingham will now have more than just new eateries though - the Grand Central will be opening this year too together with a brand new John Lewis. If you didn't know, I've been so excited about this development that I've become one of the Grand Central bloggers - their blog is lush (if I say so) so head over (click here) and have a read about the Grand Central happenings. I genuinely can't wait for the Grand Central to be finished - I believe it will be the big boom that the city centre has been in need of for the past few years!   

I almost forgot to mention one of my favourite new developments in the Mailbox - the Everyman cinema! Definitely a place you ought to pop into if you're bored with Cineworld (shhh, didn't say that) because this slightly different take on cinematography is well worth experiencing!

Staying Cool have been oh so lovely that they are offering a special 10% discount code for the readers of Cityscape Bliss. Click here to book an apartment (or ya know, the Penthouse) and quote CSBliss. Alternatively, you can mention this code when booking direct via the Guest Relations team who can be contacted via / 0121 285 1250.     

Massive thank you goes to Staying Cool for letting us experience the beauty of our city from sky high and a special wave goes out to Danny & Si at the reception for being extra helpful!

Have you been enjoying the new opening in the Birmingham city centre?
Which one has been your favourite so far?

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