Going out for dinner is no more limited to a burger or a pizza. Or you know - a Sunday roast. Recently you can see more and more entrepreneurs taking the innovative culinary business by storm. There are restaurants where you can go and eat crickets and earthworms, canteens which make you feel like you travelled back to the 1920's and pubs where they serve chicken on swords rather than skewers. Is it all a little bit too much? Or is it a genius idea? I really think these are bloody brilliant - why would you always have to take your date to TGI Friday's?! What a bore! Let me introduce you to 5 super innovative dining out experiences which have been on my bucket list for a while.      

Cat cafe
As if I could not include a cat caf, tut tut! These have been growing massively in the UK over the past year and so and after the success of Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium in London there are apparently going to be not one but two cat cafes open in Birmingham this year! Woop woop! You can read more about Lady Dinah's kitties here.  

Pay-by-poker restaurant

A slightly more creative concept is the UKIPT All-in pop up Kitchen. Basically you can play a game of poker to get some money off your dinner - how cool is that?! It doesn't matter if you're not a poker master - the rules are simple. You play three hands of poker to start with. Then you count how many chips you have at the end of these three hands. And that's how much you pay for your dinner! It could be a tenner, a fiver or nothing at all - and even if you pay £10 for your dinner then you're a winner because the meal is worth £50, whuut! Honestly, I'm seriously rubbish at poker but this is worth trying even for the giggles! Read here to find out where the PokerStars All-in Kitchen pop ups next!  

Street food club
Oh yes - a street food club. Birmingham's food scene has had a bit of spruce up in the past few months and the Digbeth Dining Club is one of its most recent offerings. A bunch of local culinary artisans have decided that enough's enough - food should be based on honesty and cooking should be transparent to the customer. Hence a weekly street food festival with all dishes sourced locally and prepared right in front of you! To check out when the next Digbeth Dining Club is on click here.   

Botanical time travel

The Botanist is a brand new bar opening in Birmingham this week. What to expect? Everything with a rustic botanical twist! Starting with pork scratchings and asparagus soup served in a wooden crate to rosemary cocktail and marshmallow kebab. Don't forget to look at their website here - it's all botanical magic!  

The pitch black one
Finally - the scariest one of them all (at least I think so!) - the Dans le Noir in London. This is a restaurant where your senses get properly mixed up. There is... wait for it... no light. Yes, at Dans le Noir you are eating your dinner in a pitch black room. Apparently suppressing the dominant sense of sight opens a whole new world of sensational gastronomic experience to you. And why not, right?! Read more about the eating in the dark experience here

Have you ever had a dining experience which was out of ordinary?
Maybe one of the above?
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