The first day of our holiday we spent mooching around the beautiful city of Oxford - apart from being one of the most expensive cities in the UK it's also perfect for a spot of holiday shopping, light brunches and visits at dinosaur museums. For lunch we stopped at the Oxford branch of Jamie's Italian. I'm already quite a fan of the one in Birmingham (link to a mention here), so was naturally intrigued by the Oxford one which was absolutely booming at Saturday lunch time. We were lucky to even get a seat! 

The interior is just as lovely as any other Jamie Oliver restaurant - those ambient touches of everything Italian and rustic with a modern twist to it. You get the obligatory mini olive trees and the blue & white Jamie Oliver napkins (which about every other person nicks - why people, just why?!). The food was as always delicious; a massive plaice with cream sauce and sauteed courgettes - the chef's special and my absolute favourite Jamie's dish ever - the squid ink spaghetti with mussels. Squid ink is such a strange ingredient - partially because it makes everything on your plate look a little alien (black spaghetti, whuut!) but also because it has quite a strong salty tinge to it. I remember the first time when I had rice with squid ink sauce - I could not get over the strangeness of it yet it was so incredibly intriguing and tasty! Thumbs up for this special little dish! 

Finally - the service at Jamie's in Oxford was the best! Hello if you're reading it!:)   

Next time we will pop to the Jamie's Pizzeria which is at the basement of the main restaurant and by the influx of hungry crowd on that Saturday afternoon I can only assume they make some extremely delicious pizzas there! 

Have you ever been to the Jamie's in Oxford? 
What's your favourite place to eat out when in Oxford?