I ain't no chef or gardener but sometimes I like to pretend I am. And sometimes just sometimes I make it look like I'm rather excellent at both. Like today. Me & Shaun have been caring for our little garden allotment for a few months now and finally, oh finally it has started returning the favour. Amongst loads of chives, a decent amount of strawberries and some spring onions we have also harvested a basket-full of rocket. Yes. A basket-full. All at once. Now since we are le gardener beginners we had no idea what 'sow thinly' meant until this day. Can't really blame us, can you? But now we are stuck with a ridiculous amount of rocket and no will to be eating rocket salad for next two weeks. Rocket pesto is the solution here, dear friends.   

You will need the following:
✓ 50g rocket
✓ 25g pine nuts
✓ 75g Parmesan cheese
✓ 1 lemon
✓ 1 garlic clove
✓ virgin olive oil
✓ salt
✓ pepper  

As simple as it sounds - you just shove everything into a food processor (I used my soup maker, ha!) and press chop. Once everything is nicely chopped up and mixed together add salt and pepper to taste and voila! Your very own pesto! Not only that this is more affordable than buying pre-made pesto, it's also delicious! If put in a jar it'll last a few weeks in your fridge. 

Are you growing any veg in your garden?