the color run birmingham

They say that the Color Run is for everyone. Oh, you don't know what the Color Run is? It's a running event which will be taking place in Birmingham on 15th August 2015. You will run 5k around the NEC whilst being doused in different colours at each kilometer. This is an un-timed race and is more about fun than it is about running. The runners are all different sizes, shapes, ages, running-ability. Now, because I'm a running-hater I thought it would be a fun idea to sign up! Yeah, lost my marbles a bit - I can't even run for the bus, let alone 5k whilst being doused in coloured cornstarch! Will this be fun?

Shaun said it will be and why yes he'll run it too. Considering I've never run more than 50 meters, I hate running with a passion and am the unfittest person in the whole of West Midlands, and Shaun goes to the gym every day and runs for fun, this will be a challenge (not just a sports one, but also a relationship one because he will eventually ditch me in the bushes and run without me, I can see it already).  

So here you go - a proof that EVERYONE can do it. And that everyone can at least walk it, have the time of their lives throwing colours at each other and dance at the Color Festival which takes places right afterwards! 

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Alternatively, you can find more information on the run here.