Have you been seduced by the cute Crabtree & Evelyn hand creams yet? I have - years ago in fact. The most recent one I had was in a brown tube with a little lady doing her gardening - and if a hand cream with a tiny porcelain-looking gardening lady doesn't melt your heart then you most likely haven't got one, bah! Cutesy hand creams aside, this quintessentially British brand has now launched a new, perhaps Britain's most adorably packaged Fine Food range.

All Butter Salted Caramel & Belgian Milk Chocolate Chunk Biscuits (£5, John Lewis)
Handmade Clotted Cream Fudge (£5, John Lewis) - there's a cat on it, A CAT!!
Mint Green Tea (£2.50, Crabtree & Evelyn)
Handmade Mandarin & Ginger Drops (£4, Crabtree & Evelyn)

Just from the little sample of items above you can tell that it's a very affordable range which will make the most beautiful little presents and stocking fillers! I will be stopping by at John Lewis and picking up a few more of tubs of biscuits - because they have some with lavender scent (oh my gawd!) and a set of preserves because a cuppa with biscuits & jam is the best thing on a cold Sunday morning! 

You can browse the whole range of these charming noms & nibbles on the Crabtree & Evelyn website here

By the way - you know you made it when a colleague compliments you on your ginger drops. Just saying.