What's in my Yves Rocher make-up bag?

Make-up is something I enjoy very much. Trying new make-up bits and bobs has always been fun, that's what I love the most I think, but lately I have been toying with an idea. What if - just hypothetically - I was to use just one brand for... let's say - a month straight. I wonder whether I'd see any changes in my skin, whether it would save me half an hour every morning (choosing one of your 52742833471 blushers does take a while) or whether I'd really enjoy it. For now join me in dreaming about what would be in my 100% Yves Rocher make-up bag...

You already know that Yves Rocher is one of my favourite affordable brands - and they always have some super duper offers on! At the moment they are running the Magic Moments game where there are 170 winners and the prizes are worth £10,000! How crazy is that?! Plus on top of that you can get products with up to 60% off during the last week of November as they have a Temptation Days sale on! BAM! Click HERE to visit the Yves Rocher website and play the game!

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