Why I don't buy glasses that cost £100s

Glassesshop review
Designer glasses are cool, damn cool - and there's absolutely nothing wrong with them. In fact, if my salary allowed me to be frivolous with my purchasing habits, I'd gladly splash out £100s on just the frames alone. The thing is - I'm clumsy. Do you remember this beautiful pair of glasses (click here) I got not even a year ago? Yeah, they lasted about a week. Then I sat on them. I cried, I cried a lot. And they were not even expensive. Just imagine the hysterics if my buttocks landed on £250 Versace pair from Supersavers. Argh. Instead, I got a £50 pair from the 'savers aisle' at Supersavers which I managed to break in half. In my handbag. Today I'm back on budget - with this absolutely beautiful (& ridiculously huge!) pair which I'm guarding with my life.

This pair of glasses is from the GlassesShop.com - I just searched for the biggest lens dimension et voila - this (click here) gorgeous humongous pair popped up! It's called the Meriden Wayfarer & it's all I've ever wanted from a pair of glasses. They are huge and bold but very sophisticated (she says). Buying eyeglasses online can be a little scary, I always hold my breath when confirming my order - will the glasses fit my nose bridge, will they fit my wonky ears? But, touch wood, they always do. Internet magic. And I mean these were less than $20, you can't really go wrong for that price tag, can you? Now I really want the tortoise version too - I couldn't decide between that & the black one and then jumped on the safe boat & black it was.    

Just throwing it out there - have you had your eye sight checked recently? You're meant to have it checked every year or two max but sometimes it can change even more often than that. Which is another reason why those gorgeous Lagerfelds won't be adorning my face anytime soon - my eye sight changes (read gets worse) every bloody year. Gah! (says whilst typing away on a laptop sitting 3 inches from her face in a poorly lit room)

PS - GSHOT50 will get you 50% off your first pair (prescription sunglasses too!). YW.

Where do you normally buy your glasses?
How much do you usually spend on a pair?

Glassesshop review
Glassesshop review
Glassesshop review

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